Hey Subardys,

apparently many of you are curious about information for the next Subardo Festival's edition.

Recently we have been managing a lot getting in touch with new wonderful people and a place, which we cleaned up with joint effort. That's because it is quite sure that our festival cannot take place at Olganitz this year. In compensation, we found another location and create something nice close by for you! At this moment we are waiting for the final permission of communal authorities and ask you still for a little patience! Fingers crossed!

We are planning to realize the festival similiar to the "Crew&Friends Festival"-edition back in 2021, this year from 1st-4th of August 2024. The location is really promising and has to be prepared before the construction of the real festival. Thus, unfortunately we have to limit the amount of tickets this year.

Under these circumstances, we are very excited to announce date and location soonish!

So far, enjoy the fresh air of the rising festival season 2024!


My freedom and your boundaries

It is important for us that everyone feels comfortable and safe at Subardo - no matter which elements characterize their identities. Everybody is welcome! For many, festivals are a collective state of the extraordinary full of freedom, joy and exhilaration. However, people might focus on acting out their individual desires without noticing the boundaries of others, dismiss them or ignore them at worst. Inappropriate, undesirable and unpleasant situations could develop which trigger anger, anxiety and helplessness. People are more vulnerable on unknown grounds where one sleeps in tents, home as safe retreat isn't immediately available and the social network which could offer support may not have tagged along. The Awareness team and its retreat is a service of support for persons in distress. They will find a room for rest, with people unconditionally believing their experiences and providing emotional first-aid with the aim to reestablish the ability to act. The Awareness team can be recognized on the festival grounds by purple vests and pink lanyards with the "Awareness" badge. If we spot people who appear to feel uncomfortable, we approach them and ask whether they are fine. Besides, we feel it is important to emphasize that everyone else, be the artists, crew members, guests or service staff are also mobile Awareness teams. We all pay attention to each other and, if necessary, inform the Awareness team of any ambiguous situation or questionable behaviour.

What is most important to us

Children are particularly vulnerable. We made a conscious choice to be a kid-friendly festival. Because they are much closer to the ground, carelessly thrown away things such as straws, cigarette butts and the like quickly become toys that are often put in the mouth. We therefore ask you to use ashtrays and to pay attention to where bags, straws, broken glass and other rubbish are disposed of, not only on the premises but also around your sleeping place. Loud music can damage hearing. However, children sometimes cannot judge this appropriately. We therefore want children to be wearing hearing protection while being on the dance floors or near the speakers. Please let us know if you find children without hearing protection there. Additionally, if you see children standing or wandering around, appearing glassy-eyed and helpless, ask if everything is okay or let us know. Especially when the sun is shining, kids get dehydrated quickly or get sunstroke, both of which can lead to disorientation. Thank you! We do not tolerate open consumption of illegal substances. Any use of substances, whether legal or illegal, affects our cognition, our feelings and our bodily functions. The risk of injuries, poisoning and transgressions are real. If you decide to consume anyway, consider whether your current mental and physical condition, as well as the setting (in the forest, by the lake, away from a safe home, possibly with little/no social support) are suitable. Information about the effects, side effects and interactions of various substances are provided by the drug scouts, for example. Their information flyers are also available from our awareness team. However, it is also important to be aware that a substance might not turn out to be the one it was pitched for.


  • Gamma-Hydroxybuttersäure/Butyric acid (GHB)
  • Gamma-Butyro-Lacton (GBL)
  • Tinkering with drinks that aren’t yours
  • Syringes and needles
  • Harassment, molestation and other bothersome behaviour

The awareness team reserves the right to issue house bans to ensure the safety of visitors.

Offer for affected person

If we become aware of a distressed person our work focuses on the needs of her/him/them. Our goal is not to shed light on what exactly has happened but to reveal what an affected person requires from us and what is currently needed to improve the situation. For people in distress we offer a calm and save retreat. There are blankets, drinks, snacks and other things creating an atmosphere of well-being. Depending on the state and needs of the person(s), we offer closeness or keep our distance. We offer to contact friends, accompany people on a walk, play yoyo, read stories or do whatever else the person(s) might need. Our responsibility is to listen and believe unconditionally. We neither question nor teach, trivialise or put an experience into perspective. Together we consider the options of what could be done next and what could or should be done with the person who has caused the distress. However, we would never talk someone into doing something. All conversations are strictly confidential. Our only aim is for the person(s) to feel better. People of the Awareness team do not have any therapeutic training. However, they can refer to professional programs and support groups if necessary. We hope that our Awareness team contributes to a more respectful and caring atmosphere for everybody to enjoy an even better time at the festival.