Save the date for the 3rd edition of Subardo festival! We are looking forward to welcoming you to the best of bass music in a friendly environment with the "Dirty Lookin' Mobile Disco" and a heavy-weight soundsystem called "Bass Culture Audio" which makes it shaking all off! Including the Camping-site, chillspaces with coffee pavilion, 2 stages, workshops, eco-friendly toilets and a sandy beach, everything is located so close to literally jump straight from one to another place through that area.

So better save your Ticket now!

hard facts:

View on Subardo aera with dilapidated basketball basket and tents
  • mainstage powered by "Bass Culture Audio Soundsystem" with Drum&Bass, Dubstep, Footwork, Halfstep and Jungle
  • 2nd stage powered by "DirtyLookingMobileDisco" with Breaks, Downtempo, House and Garage
  • bathing lake with sand beach
  • close passage to abundant forest of "Dahlener Heide"
  • family-friendly festival
  • various workshops
  • selected children's programme (also workshops)
  • sport activities as beach volleyball, skittle, table tennis
  • tasty food and coffee places
  • awareness-team


How can I buy a ticket?

You can choose different ticket options via TixForGigs.

Our ticket options:

Single ticket

Single ticket for young people (12-17 years)

Single ticket for children (0-11 years)

Price of ticket

Ticket for adults is 90 EUR plus 3.50 EUR of pre-sale charge. In addition there is a ticket for Saturday and Sunday only. It costs 70 EUR plus 3.50 EUR of pre-sale.

Who wants to support the festival may donate an additional Soliticket of 10, 15 or 20 EUR.

Children as well need a ticket. Children pay 0 EUR until the age of eleven and 33 EUR from twelve to seventeen plus 3.30 EUR of pre-sale charge. Please note: Entrance for children and young people is only permitted in company of a person of legal age. If this person of legal age is not a legal guardian he/she needs a written mandate of a legal guardian.

Price of the ticket is calculated just to cover all expenses such as area, booking, materials and technical equipment.

Door opens on 11th August at 12:00.

How can I pay the ticket?

Tickets are available at your ticketing partner TixForGigs. Your ordered tickets will be reserved at the shopping basket for 30 minutes and can be bought by credit card (VISA, Mastercard), instant bank transfer, payment in advance or Paypal.

Arrival & Departure

Arrival and departure

Please self-organize your collective arrival and departure, for which we have established this Telegram group:

Arriving by car

Address of festival area is:

Bungalowdorf Olganitz
Zum Bungalowdorf 1
04758 Cavertitz - OT Olganitz

Arriving by public transport

From Dresden and Leipzig there are regional trains to Dahlen and Oschatz (ICE and IC do not stop there!) almost every hour. Details and exact arrival- and departure-times you find at

From Dahlen and Oschatz you have to change to taxi or "Rufbus" (bus on demand).

From train station Oschatz the bus-line 764 (direction Torgau/Belgern) departs once per hour. Please note: This is a "Rufbus" (bus on demand)!

Departure times and current information you will find here:

  • For reservation please call the RufBus centre on 03421 774 66 20 / Available: Mon-Fri 5:00-22:00, weekend and public holidays 8:00-22:00.
  • Reservation has be done till one hour before departure.
  • If you like to reserve for more than eight persons you have to arrange it until 48 hours before departure.
  • For the "Rufbus" (bus-on-demand) applies fee schedule of MDV transport association.

For the arrival and departure from the Torgau train station you find the schedule of bus line 764 here:


Prices: Please calculate with an amount of around 30 EUR to go from train station Dahlen or Oschatz to Olganitz. In any case it's worth to share one with other festival participants!


Subardo festival is terminated on Sunday, 13th of August 2023. The main stage will close at 16:00. Since we will only have a limited schedule for deconstruction we beg you to leave the festival area until 20:00. Many thanks!



Here you find a short info about Subardo Festival to show some useful hints and a couple of rules we find necessary that everyone feels comfortable during the festival.

  • Festival open doors on 11th of August 2023 at 12:00. Music starts at 16:00 on the main stage and ends on 13th of August at 16:00. Please leave the area until 20:00 that day.
  • We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination! If you witness any act of discrimination, exclusion, sexual harassment or any kind of violations do not look away! Get in contact with our awareness- or security-team. Please take also a minute to read our awareness policy.
  • Please respect barriers and follow security instructions. The Security stuff grants for a safe procedure of the festival and has no personal intention to annoy anyone.
  • Please do not bring (your) pets (dogs, cats, etc.) to the festival area.
  • Please don't shoot pictures or make video footage of any other person without their agreement. Further respect the personal rights of images taken. Photographer need an accreditation by the promoter and will be visible as press.
  • The festival is situated in splendid nature and environment. We all wish to preserve that. Please keep the area clean!
  • In August there is most probably a high risk of forest fire! To cook and grill with open flame is not allowed! Please look also after your cigarette butts.
  • Enjoy swimming in the lake for a refreshment! Going into the lake happens on one's own responsibility. Parents please pay attention to your children! There will be no rescue swimmer on site. Please avoid to go into the water by night and help keeping away any person who seems unable to swim!
  • Be careful by severe weather like storm and thunder. Please avoid to stay close by high structures, trees and any water. If you have the option of a car, that would be the first choice to withstand the weather.
  • Please do not climb on any decoration or structures. Do not destroy or steal any decoration! We invest a lot of time and efforts to create it and without that the festival would only be half as nice. Persons getting caught will be held liable for damage incurred.
  • Selling of illegal drugs or narcotics will not be tolerated. Persons getting caught receive a ban of entrance.
  • Area for camping is located on the lawn close to the soccer field. There will be also additional toilets. The organizers may not be held liable for damages and losses that might occur by camping. Camping takes place on own risk.
  • Cars are not allowed on the festival ground. There will be a parking possibility close to festival terrain right before the entrance.
  • It is allowed to bring your own water and non-alcoholic beverages on festival area. But of course we would look forward if you buy some drinks at our stands to support the festival. There will be also food stands offering different types of delicious meals from vegan to some dishes with meat.
  • At the entrance you have to pay 5 EUR as deposit. Therefore you will get a bag where you can collect your garbage during the festival. By leaving the area give it back filled at the entrance and you will get back your deposit. For glasses and leftovers there are extra bins at the entry. Please use them!


My freedom and your boundaries

It is important for us that everyone feels comfortable and safe at Subardo - no matter which elements characterize their identities. Everybody is welcome!

For many, festivals are a collective state of the extraordinary full of freedom, joy and stimulation. The line between closeness and distance gets blurred. Some people might focus on acting out their individual desires and enjoy their unique freedom without noticing the boundaries of others, dismiss them or ignore them at worst. Inappropriate, undesirable and unpleasant situations could develop which trigger anger, anxiety and helplessness. People are more vulnerable on unknown maybe even disorderly grounds where one sleeps in tents, home as safe retreat isn't immediately available and the social network which could offer support may not have tagged along.

The Awareness team and its retreat is a service of support for persons in distress. They will find a room for rest, people unconditionally believing their experiences and providing emotional first-aid with the aim to reestablish the ability to act.

How we understand Awareness

To us, Awareness means that everyone takes care of each other. We collectively carry the responsibility that every person feels comfortable and safe, no matter if he/she/they is/are artist, crew member, guest or staff.

At festivals people immerse in other worlds and spaces. However, this does not take place outside of established social norms, strucures and behaviours. Power dynamics and their effects are part theirof. We confront them and in the process also scrutinize our own privileges.

We are aware that violations of boundaries like assaults and discrimination can happen anywhere - also on our festival. Everyone can be affected but likewise also be the one harming others.

As Awareness team we provide crisis intervention and give any support possible to persons who have been harmed. We always act in accordance to the needs of the distressed person. We make space for retreat and take time to listen actively. We openly communicate what kind of support we are able to provide. It is our goal to empower the affected person and help her/him/them to recover her/his/their ability to act.

How we like to implement Awareness

Everyone is part of a mobile team

We, the Awareness team, can be recognized on the festival grounds by pink lanyards with the "Awareness" badge. If we spot people who appear to feel uncomfortable, we approach them and ask whether they are fine. We feel it is important to emphasize that everyone else, be the artists, crew members, guests or service staff are also mobile Awareness teams. We all pay attention to each other and, if necessary, inform the Awareness team of any ambigious situation or questionable behaviour.

Offer for affected person

If we become aware of a distressed person our work focuses on the needs of the her/him/them. Our goal is not to shed light on what exactly has happened but to reveal what an affected person requires from us and what is currently needed to improve the situation.

For people in distress we offer a calm and save retreat. There are blankets, drinks, snacks and other things creating an atmosphere of well-being. Depending on the state and needs of the person(s), we offer closeness or keep our distance. Never do we establish any physical contact without consent. Our responsibilty is to listen and believe unconditionally. Experiences receive space and time. We validate feelings. We never act against the wish of the distressed person(s). We neither question nor teach, trivialise or put an experience into perspective. We would never talk someone into doing something. All conversations are strictly confidential. Our only aim is for the person(s) to feel better.

Besides drinks, food and a rest we offer to contact friends, accompany people on a walk, play yoyo, read stories or do whatever else the person(s) might need. Together we consider the options of what could be done next and what could or should be done with the person who has caused the distress.

People of the Awareness team do not have any therapeutic training. However, they can refer to professional programs and support groups if necessary.

We hope that our Awareness team contributes to a more respectful and caring atmosphere for everybody to enjoy an even better time at the festival.